The new Infor

Infor products have transformed the operations of more than 70,000 customers in 194 countries. We have one of the world's largest research and development organizations dedicated to business applications, and have accelerated our release of new products, integrations and features.

With this aggressive focus on innovation, a new Infor has emerged. Now we are introducing a modern look and feel that will help unify our brand vision.

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The new Infor delivers the right information, not just more information — in ways that alert you to critical issues the moment they arise. To complement these features, our new design emphasizes clarity and ease of use, helping you find what you're looking for at a glance. We make applications that help you make better decisions with remarkable agility and astonishing speed.


Over the past two decades, Infor has driven success stories in dozens of industries. Whether you are in manufacturing, fashion, healthcare, or hospitality, the new Infor is designed to meet your unique challenges.

Across all of our applications, you will find a common visual language tailored appropriately for each product category. Wherever you are — desktop or laptop, tablet or smartphone — you have a seamless experience.


Instead of monolithic, one-size-fits-all closed systems, Infor creates specialized products that are scalable, lightweight and loosely coupled – like the Internet itself. Upgrading an Infor application won't break your system, just as a change to one website doesn't break the Web. This architecture allows for zero-friction adoption, as you take advantage of Infor's best leading-edge technologies.


For millions of workers in every field, our social business tools are game-changing. Our products enable people, assets and applications to talk to each other in real time and in a more personal manner, helping you think outside the inbox.

Our new visual language represents our capacity to connect — to customers, partners, and communities where we all do business. That value drives our brand every day, backed by more than 13,000 Infor employees around the world. The new Infor lets you connect like never before.


Business applications have traditionally been functional, but not much to look at. The new Infor changes that by making beauty a competence. Our new look and feel represents our accessibility, openness, and agility in a crisp, straightforward way. Inside and out, from product to website to presentation, you'll see a unified vision of what world-class business software should be.

This is the new Infor.